Dream city is a platform that aims to aid the youth of South Africa to achieve and realize their dreams by making certain tools available to them to fast track their journey in their desired field of interest. We have curated a range of opportunities within 5 industries, each lead by influential mentors who will use their unique experiences to assist young people build the path to fulfill their dream.

Our City will be lead by 5 key influential figures, who have been identified to represent the top 5 industries the youth want to excel in.





  1. Buy a pie at your nearest Pie City Store
  2. Dial *134*19999#.
  3. Enter Name & Surname
  4. Enter Address
  5. Enter unique code found on till slip
  6. Go to dreamcity.piecity.co.za to complete your profile.

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  1. Each time you buy a pie, dial *134*19999# , entering unique code found on slip following the hashtag.
  2. Go to dreamcity.piecity.co.za to access your Dreamndela wallet